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What’s New

EMCoS PCB VLab v3.4 provides new Multichannel Link Path Analysis (LPA) tool for investigation of high-speed communication systems and link paths involving many different components, like traces, transmission lines, via transitions, connectors and other discontinuities.

Multichannel Link Path Analysis (LPA):

  • Link path components come from measurements or suppliers as S/Y/Z-parameters
  • Passivity checking of S-parameters blocks
  • Cascading and de-embedding
  • Different types of voltage sources and frequency-depended impedances
  • Various equalization options (CTLE, FFE, DFE) for transmitters and receivers
  • Cables and interconnections can be defined as lossless/lossy transmission lines or by 2D cross-section (multicore microstrip and stripline, coaxial, twin-ax and quad cable)
  • Built-in and easily configurable T&Pi network blocks

Other Features:

  • Cylindrical Scan results 3D post processing
  • Redesigned Eye Pattern 2D post processing tool
  • Extended Far Field 2D post processing
  • Envelop for signal spectrum
  • Components library with simulation ready models
  • Project modes (Mixed, Geometry, Model, Task)