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Find solution of wide range of EMC problems making simulations in EMC Studio. EMC Studio provides convenient user interfaces for simulations of complicated EMC problems. Model can vary from simple test set-up to complicated real-life environment.

EMCoS Antenna VLab is a powerful simulation software especially suited for antenna calculations. The powerful CAD interface gives you manifold possibilities to design even very complex antennas in short time. Sophisticated simulation cores based on the Method of Moments, optimized for sequential and parallel computations, deliver accurate results.

EM testing procedure is a time consuming procedure which needs performing one and the same operations predefined by standards. Software giving possibility of automatization of measurement procedure is very helpful.

Prepare model of a vehicle, aircraft or ship for EM simulations based on more detailed representation using ReMesh. ReMesh allows to perform efficient and fast model coarsening reducing number of discrete elements and preserving original shape.

EMCoS offers a large number of EM-Solvers for nearly each electromagnetic calculation problem. Used numerical methods are MoM, MAS, LCTL. The computational techniques are applied either directly or the most suitable methods are mixed and optimised.