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EMCoS Antenna VLab Student Version

Full functional EM solver, computational model up to 2 GB!

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EMCoS Studio 2019 BETA

Now you have a great opportunity to try out upcoming features and solutions in our pre-release version. Please, let us know if you are interested in getting beta version and we will provide you with updated license file.

BMW Group, Munich

I know EMCoS as a software vendor for EMC simulation and a solid consulter for EMC engineering. I was lucky with EMCoS in the both areas. They response very quickly on the scientific challenges in the development of software features. As a consulting partner, they show a high grade of quality of their services.

EMC Powertrain

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)

EMCoS has proven to be an excellent partner in the area of Automotive EMC Simulation and Virtual Tools. They have shown a willingness to adapt their tools in order to progress an area of rapid growth within our industry.

Sr. Manager - Sr. Tech Fellow, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

EURO EMC SERVICE (EES) Dr. Hansen Consulting

Without these excellent simulations we could have never progressed so far. Experimentally validated EM-simulations – short vehicular reference HF antenna systems – helped us greatly better understanding the complex physics. Critical parameter studies could now be done successfully and cost effectively only by simulation. Thank you very much EMCoS!

President and Principal Consultant EES

Silicon Austria Labs GmbH

In my opinion, EMCoS Studio benchmarks innovation in the field of EM simulation. The rapid development of solver capabilities makes it an important tool for my research in automotive EMC. I highly value the outstanding competent and motivated costumer support and the user-friendly interface. Especially, I recommend the electrostatic solver, MTL for simulation of complex cable harnesses and PEEC to generate equivalent circuit models of 3D structures.

Scientist, Electromagnetic Compatibility & Coexistence (EMCC), System Integration