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Power Electronics Applications

PCB Simulation

  • Import of PCB layout from ODB++ file format, convenient Stackup Editor
  • Fullwave MoM solution for estimation of radiated emission
  • S-parameters extraction for PCB nets
  • Modeling of PCB with IC packages
  • 3D PEEC solver for accurate estimation of 3D parasitic RLC parameters of PCB traces, bus bars and chassis
  • Construction of system level model based on functional circuits, parasitic parameters and additional components (cables, LISNs, batteries…)
  • Estimation of conducted emissions
  • Link to various SPICE solvers


EMC/EMI Filters Simulation

  • Fullwave MoM simulation of EMC/EMI filters for power electronics applications
  • Modeling of voluminous filter components
  • Modeling of EMC/EMI filters with consideration of interaction between 3D components
  • Special tools for construction of filter components (ferrite cores, chokes, capacitors)
  • Advanced CAD tools for easy assembling of filter 3D models
  • Optimization of filter structure and layout of components
  • Consideration of frequency-dependent materials for ferrite cores modeling
  • Filter Components Library with ready-to-use standard component parts
  • Analysis of near magnetic field radiation for complex EMI filters layout